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Washing Your Car Will Help Retain Its Shine

Washing your car is a lot easier than dealing with rust later on. Weather and the location of where you live can greatly affect the metal of your car. If you live in an area where it snows a lot, and salt is used on the roads to melt the snow, you will needs to wash your car once or twice a week. The same goes if you live near the ocean. The salty air will eat away at the metal underneath your car, where it is susceptible to rust and corrosion.

The waxy finish of your car protects the…
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Eat Healthy on a Road Trip

We all like to munch on food that is bad for us. This is especially true on long road trips. Our urge is to grab potato chips and soda from the gas station. We also might opt for unhealthy fast food just to save time on the drive.

There are many options for a healthy food road trip. You can plan out your trip enough to pack healthy options. You can pack celery, carrots and other vegetables. You can even utilize fat free dip. You can also pack cold cut sandwiches. You can save between 200-300 calories per sandwich if…
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Travel with a Roadside Emergency Kit

Family trip time is here since summer is only a couple of months away. That's the time when you're planning great vacations and just enjoying life. Most people will travel by car, and that can be a true adventure. But when something unexpected comes up, like a slight engine breakdown, then you need an emergency roadside kit to help you make quick repairs to get you back on the road quickly.

You don't need much to include, and the kit doesn't need to be large. Include items such as:

1. Extra food and water if you…
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Fuel Economy Tips that Can Save You Money

Fuel economy. We hear all about how this car has the best, that car has better, this newer car over here is the most fuel efficient ever built. But what about the car that you are driving right now. Even newer cars, which are designed for great gas mileage may not be getting the best fuel efficiency they can. Here are a couple of easy tips that you can use to help increase your gas mileage and save some money, even with a newer ultra-fuel efficient vehicle.

First, make sure that you are not carrying heavy items in your vehicle…
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Test Drive The 2017 Ford Escape

Test driving has never been so much fun as it is with the 2017 Ford Escape. It offers a ton of luxury and convenience while also offering a ton of different safety features. Some of the great comfort features include cloth bucket seats with optional models offering leather trimmed front bucket seats as well as driver seat memory for additional comfort. The brake assist as well as the curve control, traction control, and SOS post-crash alert system all add for an extra dose of security while driving.
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Why the 2017 Ford Focus is Fuel-Efficient

Today, saving money on gas is the priority for most drivers. Instead of shopping around for the lowest prices per gallon, you should be looking at the vehicles that give you the most mpg. The 2017 Ford Focus, is one such car and luckily, it has lots of other exciting perks that will transform how you drive. With plenty of space for cargo, you have everything you need for your shopping spree. The large amount of storage space will also suit your family during the weekend escapades and fishing trips.

Fuel efficiency:
The fuel efficiency of the Ford Focus boils…
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