Hackers No Longer Need the Internet to Wreak Havoc on Self-Driving Cars

Hackers have already proven they can exploit security loopholes in vehicles with internet connectivity and computerized controls. It's one of the biggest concerns critics have of self-driving cars. Once we put our safety in the hands of machines, black hats can put us in danger from behind their keyboards.

It gets even worse than that, though.

A recent paper published by computer scientists from University of Washington, University of Michigan, Stony Brook University, and University of California Berkeley demonstrated a technique hackers could use to attack autonomous cars using road signs.

Stop signs with strategically-placed stickers, made to look like graffiti art reading "LOVE" and "HATE" were able to confuse the vehicle's sensors into thinking a Stop sign was a 45 MPH sign.

What's the good news here?

These white-hat hackers conducted this research so automakers could use it in making their autonomous vehicles impervious to malicious hacking. It's going to be a long time before we see Ford models so intelligent their drivers can take their eyes off the road, so this preemptive strike against hacking is really a victory for the future of advanced vehicle security.

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