Road Tripping with Children: In it for the long haul

Traveling with children can be a fun adventure for the whole family, or a nightmarish experience for everyone involved. Here at Winner Ford, we provide quality service to keep your family safe, and a few tips to maintain the peace during longer road-trips.

  • Plan to stop every few hours for sight-seeing, or just getting out and burning off some extra energy.
  • Make sure to start the trip with a good night’s rest and plenty of snacks.
  • Be ready to make emergency bathroom stops to avoid any accidents.
  • Plan for fun car games like bingo, or an old-fashioned round of “I spy.”
  • Don’t forget to bring pillows and other items that kids can use to cozy up for a good nap in the back, while giving parents a break.

With this tips in mind, and a last-minute check-up at our service center, you’ll be ready to hit the road.

On behalf of our team, we wish you and your family safe and tempter-tantrum free travels!

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