Take A Look at the 2018 Ford C-MAX Smart Features

The 2018 Ford C-MAX is a popular compact hybrid with so much to offer. There are many features available that you will enjoy. Although the vehicle is small and compact, the seating arrangement is designed in a way to create enough space for 5 passengers.

One smart feature is the Smart Gauge that literally monitors your driving habits. This piece of smart technology will help your driving ability in areas where you are having problems. Perfect for young people just learning the ropes of driving. The Intelligent Access feature taps into the Push-Star mechanism, so you can get into the vehicle without a key inserted. When the weather changes, the rain-sensing wipers will activate after water or snow hits the sensors.

There is so much more to discover inside the 2018 Ford C-MAX hybrid. Just contact us at Winner Ford. One of our salesmen will take you on a tour around the showroom in Dover, DE.

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