How to Avoid a Blowout on the Road

Having a tire blowout when you are driving on the road can cause you to lose control of your vehicle, resulting in a serious accident. Keeping the tires in good shape can help prevent this from happening. While not every tire mishap can be avoided, most of the things that cause blowouts can be prevented.

Good tire maintenance is the key to preventing tire problems. A leading cause of blowouts is having underinflated tires, so check the tire pressure often to keep the correct inflation. Some preventative measures include checking the wheel alignment, rotating the tires regularly and checking the tires for excessive wear. If your vehicle has a tire pressure monitoring system and the light comes on, be sure to pull over and look at the tire.

Making sure your vehicle's tires are in good shape is part of your regular vehicle maintenance. If you need your tires checked for any possible problems, bring your vehicle in to Winner Ford in Dover, where we will be glad to arrange timely Ford service for your vehicle.

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