Your Coolant and Radiator Keep Your Vehicle from Overheating

Have you ever seen the light come on in your vehicle indicating that your engine is overheating? Did you ever wonder why that is happening? That is why our staff members want to be sure that you understand the basics of your cooling system and radiator.

When your engine gives off heat the coolant, running through tubes, absorbs some of that heat and transfers it to cooling fins on the radiator. This heat is then expelled to the surroundings thus keeping your engine temperature at a safe level. Most experts estimate that a radiator will last somewhere between eight and ten years, but this figure can vary widely depending on how hard you push your vehicle.

If you need an experienced service team to check your radiator and coolant levels or to perform service on your vehicle be sure to give us a call to schedule an appointment or stop on by our service center at Winner Ford in Dover, DE today!

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