Key Reasons to Consider Winter Wiper Blades

Winter is a challenging time, not only for emergency services taking care of snow removal, but for usual motorists as well. Many people in Dover, DE underestimate the need of winter wiper blades. Safety is very closely related to visibility, and installing a proper set of windshield wipers is a key to the smooth driving experience.

What are the most important benefits of installing winter wiper blades over regular wiper blades? Winter wiper blades:

  • Are made stronger and ready to push snow off the windshield
  • Are tested to operate in inclement winter conditions
  • Have a rubber shell that provides protection from an ice buildup and increases a service life of a wiper
  • ...and more!

Operating a vehicle with summer wiper blades in winter is not a safe practice. Upgrade to a winter wiper blades today by contacting Winner Ford of Dover for any assistance related to installation.

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