Explore the Safety Features of the Ford Transit Connect

If you are in search of a new passenger wagon/cargo van, the Ford Transit Connect is an exceptional model. Many consumers at Winner Ford in Dover, DE prefer the Transit Connect because it comes with innovative safety features that protect drivers and passengers.

The Safety Canopy System is featured with the Transit Connect. This helps the side-curtain airbags move downward and outward to avoid impact with passengers’ heads. It uses roll-fold technology to help the airbags slide between the passengers and windows. This system won't interfere with child safety seats or booster seats that have been installed correctly.

The Ford Transit Connect also comes with a rear-view camera as a standard safety feature. This camera offers an optional audio system and gives you a crisp image of the back of the van. When you put the van in reverse and begin to back up, it will automatically activate, which can be useful when you are backing into tight parking spots.

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