Ford Mustang Handling Features & Performance Options

With its beautiful new exterior and updated features, the Ford Mustang has received rave reviews. In fact, US News & World Report ranked the new Mustang as second in its sports car class. We’ll argue that it should have been number one given its performance engine, which comes standard in the base trim. You’ll get a V6 with a manual transmission and a rear-wheel drive train with the base package. Many drivers recommend upgrading if you want truly effortlessly driving.

Since the Mustang is a sports car, it’s hard to believe how many times the model has changed since the 1960s. However, the handling and braking have been upgraded to its peak performance in this latest rendition. You’ll get a sharp, smooth transition from gear to gear, and you can instantly take tight corners with ease. There are also some upgrades for the suspension such as MagneRide.

Are you ready to test drive a beautiful Ford Mustang? You can head to the experts at Winner Ford to learn more about the car and go out for a spin in Dover, DE to see if you’ll enjoy all of the benefits of this sporty powerhouse!

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