Stay In Style With The Ford EcoSport

The Ford EcoSport is a well-equipped crossover vehicle that you can check out when you come into Winner Ford in Dover, DE. Many people enjoy driving compact crossovers like the Ford EcoSport because you get the convenience and safety of an SUV in an easier to handle package. The Ford EcoSport has style features that add to the joy of owning the vehicle.

On most SUVs and crossovers, the rear gate either lifts up or folds down. The designers at Ford decided to do something different with the EcoSport. This vehicle has a rear gate that opens up sideways. This keeps the rear gate completely out of your way when you are loading items into the vehicle.

Another great style feature on the Ford EcoSport is the lighting. This vehicle features LED accent lights and running lamps. The headlights are halogen projector lamps. These are powerful lights that fully illuminate your way home.

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