Read This if Your Ford Lease is About to Expire

Leasing a Ford is a great option that many drivers enjoy. If you are currently driving a leased car, you are well aware that your agreement will eventually come to an end. At that point, you will need to make a decision as to what you will do next.

You have several options that you can consider. The first is to purchase the car that you have been driving. That is a pretty easy process, as your agreement will have an already agreed-upon price to do exactly that. You will find that information in a mailer you receive about four months before the end date of your lease.

You are also welcome to turn your leased car back in. Just make sure you keep the mileage under control and ensure that you have satisfied other terms of your particular agreement. It is also a good time to stop by Winner Ford and take a look at new Ford models so that you can consider another lease to follow this one.

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