Ford F-150 Raptor: Mechanical Beast in Action

As one of the toughest pickup trucks ever made by Ford, the F-150 Raptor can survive some serious assaults from Mother Nature. Customers in Dover, DE may explore the cabin options and technical specifications of this full-size model at Winner Ford.

The heavy-duty tires that are installed on the F-150 Raptor could be deflated to low gauge pressure in order to increase articulation on rocks and boulders. A special beadlock design reduces the risk of a puncture in these special tires that are custom-tailored for off-road cruising.

Wearing the FOX Live Valve Shocks, this robust Ford truck offers some of the most comfortable rides in its class. The durable shock absorbers can oscillate at high amplitudes to mitigate vibrations. A solenoid valve and electronic sensors govern the behavior of the monotube shocks that are pressurized by gas. The damping rate in the FOX shocks depends on how you approach or depart off-road trails.

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