After receiving a few upgrades, the Ford Ranger now offers several design features that give it a modern and rugged appearance that is noticeable when you're driving in Dover, DE. The Tailgate Lift Assist slowly opens the gate so that you can easily put your cargo in the back of the truck, securing your load before closing the gate again.

New HID headlights shine brighter when you're driving at night. Daytime lights stay on, making it easier for other drivers to see you when it's raining or in other unfavorable weather conditions. Winner Ford can demonstrate some of the design options with the headlights before you decide which package you want.

Instead of a small-size truck, the Ford Ranger has been designed so that it has the rugged shape and appearance of a larger vehicle. The extended cab design makes it easier to transport more passengers and more cargo inside the truck instead of putting it in the bed.

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