The Ford Edge Has SYNC 3 Hardware With Waze

Ford's SYNC 3 system is included with many vehicles since it gives consumers access to maps, music, and other solutions. The SYNC 3 system that's included with the Edge is unique because it's designed with Waze technology.

Waze lets many drivers work together on the road. It's mainly designed for people who travel on highways that have heavy traffic. The key feature that powers Waze is its sharing function. When multiple motorists in different areas run the software, they can provide information about traffic jams, routes, and more using the sharing option. In the Edge, Waze runs on a large touchscreen. However, strategic drivers can use Waze safely while driving by taking advantage of the voice recognition feature.

The Ford Edge's technologies make driving easier in high-traffic areas. You can learn more about Waze before test driving an Edge at Winner Ford. We cater to Ford fans in Dover, DE and surrounding areas.

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