Sound Engineers Have Made the Acoustic on the Ford Mustang Extra Special

The Ford Mustang is a popular performance car that you will love to drive. It is comfortable, loud, and full of power. You will definitely turn a few heads as you drive down the road in this one. It is wonderful to hear the exhaust and the different sounds that come out of it.

One of the hallmark features of the Mustang is the exhaust. This is how you know it is a powerful car ready for action. Ford actually had a team of audio engineers work on the exact sound coming out of the exhaust, so you will notice the difference as soon as you switch on the ignition.

You might want a loud exhaust or a softer sound on occasion. With the Mustang, you get the option. Just flip the switch under the center console and change between three different sounds. Give it a try when you test drive the Ford Mustang at Winner Ford.

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