Save While Fueling Up

You may have been a little shocked the last time you filled up your tank at the gas station when you saw the price, we were too! There are ways to make filling up less shocking though. You can find deals at the pump with certain gas stations or credit cards and you can make your latest fill-up last longer by making a few small changes to your driving habits. Saving money on gas can mean you have more to spend on adventures so check out the tips we have compiled below! 

Watch Your Driving Habits
Typically aggressive driving -- a high cruising speed, rapid acceleration and slamming on the brakes -- can be the biggest culprit of gas-guzzling. A study by showed that drivers who have a "Calm" driving style typically saved 33% to 38% on gas!

Don't Waste Your Money on Premium Gas
The overall chemistry of gas has changed quite a lot in the last few years and most vehicles run perfectly on either regular or mid-grade gas. If your vehicle doesn't require premium gasoline you can save tons when filling up at the pump! If your vehicle requires premium gasoline don't switch to another grade as that can damage your engine! If you are not sure what kind of gas your vehicle requires, check the owner's manual. 

Find the Cheapest Price
Gas prices are pretty similar in one area but you may still see a slight difference of a few cents and that can add up quickly! Using an app like GasBuddy can help you find the cheaper gas stations along your commute or carpool route to avoid driving all over town looking for the cheapest price wasting gas. If you join a warehouse club, that can offer a huge discount when filling up at the gas station and you can fill up and get your shopping done all in one place! 

Mark Your Calendar 
Try and stop at the gas station on a Wednesday or Thursday before 10 am! Why do you ask? Typically gas prices rise on Thursdays as the companies are anticipating weekend travel and 10 am is when most stations change their prices for the day. Also, try not to fill up on a holiday. 

Keep up with Proper Maintenance 
Keeping your air filter clean and your tires properly inflated can also help you save on gas! If your tires on under-inflated it can cause you to experience lower gas mileage and even affect the tread life, braking, and handling of your vehicle. According to the Department of Energy, you could save up to 3.3% on gas just by keeping your tires properly inflated! 

If you looking for a new fuel-efficient vehicle that can help you save when filling up at the pump you have to check out our new vehicle inventory! We offer a wide selection of vehicles that are equipped with engine start/stop technology as well to further boost fuel economy, ask our sales team more! If you want to make sure that your vehicle is performing at its best, book an appointment with our service department! 

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