4 Do's to Increase Your Trade-In Value


I'm ready to part ways with my 2011 Chevy Traverse. When she hit 100,000 miles, I thought for sure she'd be worth next to nothing, but I was wrong! I followed these tips to get the most at trade-in time and was pleasantly surprised at what most of the car dealers are offering. So, if you're ready to bid farewell to your vehicle, do yourself and your budget a favor by preparing a few things first. Here are 4 do's for increasing your trade-in value:


·       Cleanliness is next to godliness: A clean car sells better, period. Put some elbow grease into it and scrape the bugs off the grill. There are a bunch of Pinterest hacks for deep cleaning the crevices in the interior.

·       Fix it: Scratches and minor dents are easy fixes, so take care of them first. Fixing the little things could mean a big difference when it comes to your trade-in value.


·       Look at it with fresh eyes: Maybe you've grown accustomed to the sun visor falling open when driving over a bump, but it won't fare well at trade-in time! Address all the things that shouldn't be but have been because you haven't gotten around to fixing them!


·       Simple upgrades: Is your old key fob faded from overuse? Buy a new one! Simple upgrades like these make the vehicle look better and add value-they're a win-win!